Saturday, 21 January 2012

I've restarted this blog more times than you've had hot dinners.

THIS IS IT PEOPLE! The actual launch of the blog. I am Jenni Fogg, queen of bad jokes, like 'the mist has descended'. Do you get the joke? DO YOU? Well expect more of that, cos that's as good as its gonna get.
This blog is going to be a mixture of things: uni life, reviews, topical bits and pieces as well as weekly features such as 'My new girl crush', 'What Frank wore' and 'My friends say the most ridiculous things'.
Right now I am in dissertation hell, fighting my way through essays on emperors and witches. We'll be discussing how even I am funnier than the jokes the Romans came out with (though not the Greeks. If you have a dirty sense of humour read Aristophanes) and I might let you into my love life if you're lucky/I'm drunk. Okay, so the introductions are over. Let's be friends.

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